The City Of New London will be milling and paving the following streets:

Starting on Wednesday 4/12:
Montauk Ave. (From Gardner Ave to Pequot Ave.)
Parkway South (From Admiral Dr. to Rockborne Ave.)
Pequot Ave. (From Montauk Ave. to Parkway South)
Parkway South (From Admiral Dr. to Pequot Ave.)
Gardner Circle (from Gardner Ave. to End of Road.)

Starting on Thursday 4/13:
Grand St. (From Jefferson Ave. to Connecticut Ave.)
Prest St. (From Connecticut Ave. to Blackhall St.)
McDonald St. (From Jefferson Ave. to Connecticut Ave.)
Connecticut Ave. (From Garfield Ave. to West Coit St.)

Starting on Friday 4/15:
Moore Ave. (From Shaw St. to Moore Ct.)
Archer Ct. (From Show St. to End of Rd.)
Pratt St. (From Tinker Ct. to Shaw St.)
Tinker Ct. (From Montauk Ave. To End of Rd.)
Robinson St. (From Shaw St. to #30 Robinson St.)
Catherine St. (From Ann St. To Robinson St.)
Ann St. (From Shaw St. to Catherine St.)

Starting on Monday 4/17:
Howard St. (From Bank St. to Hamilton St.)
Hamilton St. (From Howard St. to Shaw St.)
Bank St. (From Tilley St. to State St.)

Gas line work will limit access to downtown parking lot

Eversource is scheduled to begin replacing old gas lines below the municipal parking lot at the corner of Eugene O’Neill Drive and Tilley Street Jan. 3.

The work is expected to last through late winter.

Much of the lot will be closed, but some sections will be available for parking.

The work is a continuation of improvements to the city’s infrastructure, and the New London Parking Authority is working with Eversource on behalf of the city to accommodate this portion of the work, according to Carey Redd II, Director of Transportation, Transit, and Parking.